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I’ve been on a bit of a bacteria kick…from bread to Kombucha to yogurt,  and after sampling the dubious and weirdly textured cornucopia of various non-dairy yogurt alternatives, I decided to make my own.  This has a dairy based starter,  but you could also use probiotic capsules instead. I follow a low-dairy diet instead of no-dairy.

It’s shockingly easy with the right tools,  and I mainly followed this recipe with a few tweaks and came up with the most creamy, delicious coconut yogurt ever.  I can’t stop eating it, or making it.


Small camp cooler*
Mason jars and plastic screw top lids
Large pot
Digital thermometer

*if you have an oven, you can pop the jars in there overnight with the oven turned off but the light left on.


Honey (2 tbsps)
Full fat coconut milk (4 cups)
Organic gelatin sheets (2)
Yogurt starter or yogurt (1 package or 2 tbsps)


Heat the coconut milk up to almost boiling, take it off the heat and then whisk in the honey. Pop your thermometer in and let cool to 115° F. 

(While the milk is cooling, soak the gelatin sheets in a small bowl of cold water.)

At 115° F,  whisk in the yogurt starter or yogurt and gelatin (squeeze out the water first with a clean hand).

Pour into mason jars (3/4 full)  and pop into the cooler.  Fill up the cooler with your hottest tap water (just full enough to reach the level of yogurt in the jars…if they start to float,  you’ve gone too far.)

Secure the cooler lid and set aside somewhere out of jostling range for the next 12-24 hours.  Get on with life.

Pull out the jars and put in the fridge… and see how long they last.  (Not long in our house).