A honeymoon spread

A honeymoon spread

When we were on our honeymoon in a small house by the lake, suppers were simple. We would forage in town for good cheeses, olives, bits of tasty junk food and snippets of vegetables, and sometimes stop on the way back at an orchard for something fresh.

We’d linger and sip, nibble and watch the sunset without worrying too much about the mosquitos or the dishes.

We’d experiment, too – apple crisp made in a crock pot, pepperoni sticks turned into a spicy weiner roast.

Now that we’re in our own kitchen, well-appointed by gadgets and wedding gifts, supper isn’t so simple. Most days, I come home from work exhausted, and hope that the freezer or the wilting vegetable drawer will inspire me.

So I’ve started keeping notes of suppers that do – times when my husband and I sit down together and enjoy, reminiscing and nibbling, or times when a bagful of crab apples carried me through three dinners and a fantastic pie.