Before I met my husband, I was doing the following:

-writing a thesis

-applying to graduate schools

-passing myself off as a future-famous journalist

-avoiding serious relationships and loving non-committal men

-saying things like, “Marriage scares me” and “I’m not looking for a man to fill a job description”

And then one sunny day, while I was doing the splashy, scoffing single-girl thing at a friend’s wedding (wardrobe: flirty dress, red lipstick, and witty cynicism), I saw someone who took all my bravado and breath away.

This is what I am doing now:

-writing my own stuff (trying to lose the technical jargon)

-cooking dinner

-being part of a “we”

The Everafters is the continuing story of how I went from wary to married in less than a year, and what this particular ever after, in all its messy, vunerable, beautiful, everyday moments is like.

I hope it encourages, enrages and excites you.